Philip Holden: Pack and Rifle

(Review rating 8 out of 10)

Philip Holden’s first book, Pack and Rifle, has been reprinted in four editions and many thousands of copies since it first hit book shelves in 1971 — and with good reason, it is often quoted as being a hunter’s favourite book and the book which inspired them to seek the thrill of the hunt. It is quite simply a classic New Zealand hunting book … read more

Bruce Banwell: Wapiti in New Zealand

(Review rating 9.5 out of 10)

This is the book that kick started Bruce Banwell’s distinguished career as an author. In it Bruce documents the early days of Wapiti hunting at the turn of last century through to the 1960s. This period is now known as the best years of the New Zealand wapiti herd … read more

Max Curtis: Beyond The River’s Bend

(Review rating 7.5 out of 10)

Max Curtis, of Fiordland moose hunting and red deer culling fame, writes about his hunting experiences in his autobiography (the first of two), ‘Beyond the River’s Bend: Tales of Red Deer, Moose and Wapiti in New Zealand’. It includes the only first-hand account about the third and last ever bull moose shot in Fiordland … read more

Dave McClunie: Classic New Zealand Game Trails

(Review rating 8 out of 10)

Classic New Zealand Game Trails by Dave McClunie inspired my passion for hunting books and was the start of my own hunting book collection. His book makes it on to The Hunter’s Classic Hunting Books list and is a must read for all New Zealand big game hunters, especially those alpine hunters who dream of big bull tahr and buck chamois in high places … read more

Barry Crump: A Good Keen Man

(Review rating 9 out of 10)

Recently nominated for the title of “Great Kiwi Classic” and narrowly missing out, Barry Crump’s first novel, ‘A Good Keen Man’ (1960) is a must read for all New Zealanders, hunters or otherwise … read more

Hans Willems: The Hunting Tales of Percy Lyes

(Review rating 8 out of 10)

The Hunting Tales of Percy Lyes is a biography authored by Han Willems about Percy’s legendary hunting exploits during the ’40s and ’50s when Percy both culled red deer for the Internal Affairs Department and secured some of New Zealand’s most important big game trophies – a red deer stag with the longest antlers of 50 inches and the 3rd and last bull moose shot in Fiordland … read more

Ross Curtis: Chopper Murphy

(Review rating 5 out of 10)

Chopper Murphy is Ross Curtis’ sixth book in his “Murphy Series”. Set in the Nelson and Tasman regions of the South Island, this book focuses on Ross’ experiences in deer hunting and deer control, particularly his observations on the impact of fixed-wing planes and helicopters on hunting operations … read more