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A cost effective way of getting involved with New Zealand hunting literature is to begin with reading magazines (other than borrowing books from your local library of course).

New Zealand is fortunate to have a large selection of publications to choose from that cover the full spectrum of interests, subjects and types of hunting, some of which are described below.

Read the short summaries below on each magazine to see which ones you might be interested in buying or subscribing to.

Clicking on each magazine’s logo will take you to their website.

As always, The Hunter is willing to provide you with guidance on which magazine might be best suited to you, so please feel free to send an enquiry via the Contact page.

Big Game Hunting New Zealand, The Home of New Zealand Hunting

Big Game Hunting New Zealand or BGHNZ started in October 2012 as a Facebook community page set up for kiwi hunters to share and discuss all things hunting. It has since grown into one of New Zealand’s largest online hunting communities and they have recently started to publish an ‘online magazine’ which is available to view for free on their website.

Frequency: Bi-monthly / Price: Free


Magazine Logo, NZ Hunter

NZHunter is one of New Zealand’s premier hunting magazines covering everything on shooting and hunting in New Zealand, including deerstalking, hunting alpine game, and shooting upland game. It is focused on helpful how to guides, comprehensive rifle and gear reviews, and includes high quality hunters’ stories and photos. Its strengths include informative articles on long-range and accurate shooting and regular expert columns.

Frequency: Bi-monthly / Price: NZD$9.90


Magazine Logo, Rod & Rifle Magazine-2

Rod & Rifle is another of New Zealand’s premier hunting magazines. Founded in 1980, its focus is on both hunting and fishing, as its title suggests. It features articles on deer hunting, test fires, how to guides, trout fishing, and has quality picture galleries of readers’ trophies.

Frequency: Bi-monthly / Price: NZD$9.90


Magazine Logo, New Zealand Outdoor Hunting Magazine-2

NZOutdoor Hunting, printed since 1937, is a long-standing, widely read publication and rounds out New Zealand’s top three premier hunting magazines. It covers deer hunting in New Zealand, with a focus on hunters’ stories, hunting advice, trophy pictures and product tests. It also has good quality and regular columnists who are respected hunters.

Frequency: Bi-monthly / Price: NZD$10.00


Magazine - Hunting & Wildlife _ New Zealand Deerstalkers' Association

New Zealand Hunting & Wildlife is published by the New Zealand Deerstalkers’ Association (NZDA), an organisation promoting hunting for over 75 years. The magazine is focused on deerstalking, and includes hunters’ stories and photos. From time to time it also re-publishes historical articles from bygone editions. Unlike other publications, this magazine actively promotes hunters’ interests, topical outdoors issues, and the NZDA’s philosophy and policies.

Frequency: Quarterly / Price: NZD$7.80


Magazine Logo, New Zealand Guns & Hunting Magazine-2

New Zealand Guns & Hunting is New Zealand’s dedicated firearms magazine. It covers technical data and information about guns of all types. It has detailed reports on guns, ammunition, optics, and shooting accessories, along with the odd hunting story (usually field testing). Helpfully, it has a trade directory listing specialist services like gunsmiths and stockmakers, plus contact details for clubs and shooting organisations.

Frequency: Bi-monthly / Price: NZD$9.90


Note: Prices are current as at July 2017.

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