About The Hunter

The Hunter — A Hunter’s Review is New Zealand’s first source of dedicated hunting literature reviews.

The Hunter has been created by a hunter for hunters.

The Hunter is independent and aims to provide thorough reviews and honest opinions.

Our mission is to become the most comprehensive and leading voice on New Zealand’s hunting literature.  Established in 2014, we aim to publish reviews and commentary on new release hunting books written by New Zealand authors. Over time we will review all currently published hunting books, and ultimately back-review all books ever written on the subject of hunting in New Zealand.


“The average preface to the average book is boresome to the average man.

A book may be likened to a bottle of wine in that guests do not wish their host to tell them his life’s history before opening it, nor to descant on the reason why that particular bottle of wine was made. They desire that the cork be drawn and the wine submitted for their judgement. Should it prove to be good wine, they appreciate its flavour; but if it be ‘corked’, they quickly detect that fact and put it aside.

And so with books.”

— T. E. DONNE, 1924, Red Deer Stalking in New Zealand


What animal is that logo?” you might be thinking. Well, it is called a chamois (Rupicapra r. rupicapra), an alpine species originally from the European Alps and released in New Zealand’s Southern Alps in 1907.