Max Curtis: Beneath the Mountain Mist

(Review rating 6 out of 10)

We review Max Curtis’ second and last autobiography entitled ‘Beneath the Mountain Mist’, where he covers personal trophy hunting adventures to Westland in search of elusive 40 x 40 royal red deer stag heads. It is a solid follow up book to his first, about a different phase in his hunting career, but does not quite deliver the same thrills and rewarding hunts of his first book ‘Beyond the River’s Bend’ — nevertheless, it is a worthwhile read … read more

Peter Hoar: New Zealand Hunting and Associated Books (A Bibliography)

(Review rating 8 out of 10)

Finally, a book about New Zealand hunting books. Peter Hoar has compiled and edited the ultimate reference companion for hunting book collectors. You can cross-check your own collection against his comprehensive bibliography and even value it based on his guide prices … read more

Max Curtis: Beyond The River’s Bend

(Review rating 7.5 out of 10)

Max Curtis, of Fiordland moose hunting and red deer culling fame, writes about his hunting experiences in his autobiography (the first of two), ‘Beyond the River’s Bend: Tales of Red Deer, Moose and Wapiti in New Zealand’. It includes the only first-hand account about the third and last ever bull moose shot in Fiordland … read more