D. Bruce Banwell: The Alpine Chamois

(Review rating 8 out of 10)

The Alpine Chamois is the definitive book written about chamois and chamois hunting in New Zealand — compiled by respected author, Bruce Banwell, for the New Zealand Deerstalkers’ Association, it details New Zealand’s chamois hunting and documents the best chamois “heads” shot in New Zealand … read more

Bob Pittaway: The Lure of the Hills

(Review rating 6.5 out of 10)

Here The Hunter reviews Bob Pittaway’s most recent book, The Lure of the Hills, which recounts Bob’s deer hunting experiences, mainly in the North Island. It covers the time from his first encounter with fallow deer some 50 years ago to his more recent hunts for trophy red deer stags … read more

Ross Curtis: Chopper Murphy

(Review rating 5 out of 10)

Chopper Murphy is Ross Curtis’ sixth book in his “Murphy Series”. Set in the Nelson and Tasman regions of the South Island, this book focuses on Ross’ experiences in deer hunting and deer control, particularly his observations on the impact of fixed-wing planes and helicopters on hunting operations … read more



Big Al Lester: It’s a Bit Rugged, Mate

(Review rating 5.5 out of 10)

Big Al’s first book was published over a decade ago now, so for those who missed out on his first three books, It’s a Bit Rugged, Mate revisits the highlights of these three books in a single volume, allowing you to move straight to his fourth book … read more