Tony Orman: A Hunting Life

(Review rating 4.5 out of 10)

The Hunter_Book Cover_Tony Orman_A Hunting LifeWritten by one of New Zealand’s most respected outdoors authors and editors, Tony delves into present day ethics, policies and politics of hunting in New Zealand in his 23rd and latest book, A Hunting Life … read more



Peter Ryan: Wild South

(Review rating 8.5 out of 10)

Being compared to great outdoors authors like Ruark, Hemingway and Leopold is high praise but there is no doubt that Peter Ryan’s book is an instant New Zealand, if not worldwide, hunting classic. Wild South is the kind of book that makes you want more and one that you wish would never end … read more

Greg Fagg: Hunting Under the Southern Cross

The Hunter_Book Cover_Greg Fagg_Hunting Under the Southern Cross(Review rating 3 out of 10)

Unfortunately not all books on the subject of hunting are recommended reads despite their subject matter. Greg Fagg’s first shot at writing may have come up short, not being suitable for all readers — however there are glimpses of quality hidden away in his clumsy writing style. The book’s one shining quality is its many colour photos … read more



Major R. A. Wilson: My Stalking Memories

(Review rating 9 out of 10)

In this book review we take a step back in time to read Major Wilson’s epic accounts of his time red deer and wapiti deerstaking during the 1920s to 1940s. First published in 1961 the latest edition can be purchased only directly from the New Zealand Deerstalkers’ Association (NZDA Publications) … read more

Steuart Laing: New Zealand Hunting Adventures: Deer, Chamois and Tahr in the 21st Century

(Review rating 6 out of 10)

The Hunter takes a look at Steuart’s follow up book to his previous two how-to guides on alpine hunting in the Southern Alps for tahr and chamois. Steuart, in addition to covering some previously unpublished material on tahr and chamois, writes about his deerstalking experiences and offers insights into his way of hunting … read more

Connor McKenzie: Stags in the Mist, Voices on the Wind and Other Stories

(Review rating 6 out of 10)

Connor McKenzie’s name will be recognisable to most New Zealand hunters due to his regular column in NZ OUTDOOR Hunting Magazine. Continuing in his tongue-in-cheek style, where Connor mixes fact with fiction, his new book is sure to be a classic kiwi comedy. This book is for hunters and non-hunters alike … read more